Here’s the skinny,

The urban motorcyclist is presented with an array of issues that are unique to the environment in which we ride and modify our machines. Both parking and shop space are scarce, service is a pain in the ass, dealerships gouge and the wizards don’t seem to want to share their sage knowledge. Dirty Billy wills to move the needle in the other direction.



Workspace - A well appointed workspace, personalized upgrades and maintenance for the machines we love. Mechanics that want to communicate, teach and always have an eye for the details. Whether you’re a Do-it-yourself wizard, a beginning wrench monkey thirsty for knowledge or just a passionate rider we have space for you and your next project. 



Parking - Safe and secure, monthly memberships, shop day rates, hours and winter storage. Our space is driven by our customers' needs. Flexibility is the key. There is only one Dirty Billy. The only thing that limits us is our imagination. 



Community - Our merry band of misfits from all walks gather around the sounds and smells of gas and rubber. There is nothing like the motorcycle community. Especially here in NYC. Who just got the new kit, who’s looking for a new ride, and why the hell does that bolt keep coming loose. There are an abundance of experienced riders and wrenchers with expertise in all moto matters. Dirty Billy is the platform to share that knowledge. We hope to become a hub for the moto obsessed.


And as a bonus - (as if you needed one) 

Keep your ear to the ground family, for one of our winter projects we will be designing and building a couple of Dirty Billy custom bikes that will be available as they are completed. The Dirty Billy bike will be a special kind of “urban enduro.” A bike purpose built for the city. One that can handle the pitfalls and exploits the excitement of city riding. You're going to want to see this!