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Whispers of a new moto-centric workspace and garage have been circulating and we’re picking up steam now. Would you like to come along or perhaps become a part of the adventure? 


Dirty Billy is a collection of ideas from our motorcycle community. A small space but a mighty experiment. We’ve been listening to the community and riding out there with you for a good long time. It's time to build the space where we can create our moto visions. We hope you will come along for the ride.


Learn, wrench, and ride with Dirty Billy.

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Dirty Billy



A 1500+ square foot venue. Well curated and professionally maintained space for a collection and community of motorcycles and their riders to utilize as a home base for our most hedonistic adventures. 

Dirty Billy will be that place.

The garage has a couple of options regarding location in Brooklyn or Queens and we'll be working this month on finding the best space for us and our community's needs. 

Read on brave soul.